Wednesday 9 July 2014

Content Personalization with Adobe CQ

What is Content Personalization ?

People visiting your website might have different purpose to visit your site. Some might visit to shop things on your site while others are just for gathering some knowledge. But each time any such users come to your website they all get to see the same set of content on the Home Page even if they are for shopping or just browsing or be it any other reason.

Don't you think it will be great if you could display data that visitor wants to see by analyzing his/her needs ? That way visitors coming to your site will be happy and will tend to visit your site more often.

How does CQ5 provides us personalization ?

CQ5 comes with a powerful mechanism that helps you study the traffic coming to your website and on behalf of that you can show the user with a tailor-made content that is selected according to their specific needs. In Adobe CQ5 it is named as Campaign Management.

In general this personalization of content works by looking at the data that is available for the user - it could be done againts things like gender, location from where user is accessing, keywords, browser using, Operating system and many more elements.

Personalized Content visible on a page

Three key elements of personalization are :
  • Users :- These the profiles that contains characteristics against which actual personalization of content is performed. 
  • Content :- This is what that will be show to user or in simple term data that attracts or is of users interest.
  • Rule :- This defines how actually personalization is happening. It is a rule that define on fullfillment of which characteristic which content is to be displayed.

Client Context On a page

The image shown above shows the Client Context(Box in the middle that says user's charactersitcs).

How does content personalization works in CQ5 ?

CQ5 provides Marketing and Campaign Management that allows you to personalize content and show tailored data to your customers. It allows you to manage marketing different campaigns.

Campaign management is made up of various elements:

  • Brands
    In CQ, Brands are the most basic unit of campaign management and are made of collection of campaigns.
  • Campaigns
    After brands comes Campaigns these are made from collection of Experiences.
  • Experiences
    Experience is something that end user see i.e this is the personalized content that is displayed to the end user when a rule is matched successfully. There are 3 types of experiences available :
    • Teasers
      Teaser pages contains content of user's interest  that is displayed when a rule(Segment) matches successfully against the users information.
    • Newsletters
      Newsletters are emails that are sent to the users(Leads) of your website and these emails(Newsletters) contains data so as to attract users to visit your website.
    • Test&Target
      This allows integration with Adobe's Test and target.

  • MCM Dashboard 

    The Marketing and Campaign Management dashboard allows you to manage everything related to marketing and campaigning. For example it allows you to create a Brand and under a brand is helps you to add Campaigns and under campaigns it helps you to add various Experiences

    CQ MCM Dashboard

    So here is my first blog giving you an idea about what is Content personalization in general and how CQ provides us Content personalization as Campaign management. I will soon come up with a blog on how to create your own Campaigns and how to personalize data in the Client context.

    Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

    *Note : Help taken from adobe's link on Campaign management . 

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