Sunday 9 November 2014

How to reduce file file size of a image using GIMP ?

Does bulky sized images eats up significant amount of space of your disk ? Or such big file size images becomes a barrier to share these images ?    

Here is the solution for you to reduce the file size of a image using GIMP. 

There are two ways by which size of a image can be controlled : 
  1. First by Scaling the image i.e resizing the image.
  2. Second Compressing an image i.e image compression means reducing the size of graphics file.

Resizing the Image(Solution 1) :

Open up the image you want to reduce size of. Then form Scale menu select Scale Image option to open Scale Image Dialog. Same dialog can be opened up by right clicking on the  image → image → Scale Image.

This will open the Scale Image dialog. In the width field of Scale Image dialog and hit tab height will be calculated automatically. Now this image is scaled and size of the image will be reduced on saving.  

Compressing The Image(Solution 2) :

This is a easier way to  reduce the image. All you need to do is, open any image in GIMP. Then go to file → Save As. This will open the Save image dialog

On clicking Save another dialog will  pop up that gives user an option to provide quality of the image. Higher the quality, bigger will be the size of the image.

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