Thursday 16 April 2015

Polling Importer configuration in AEM 6.0

AEM houses a powerful feature which allows user to poll after specified interval, as we discussed in our earlier blog Feed importer in Adobe CQ/AEM
Its pretty straight forward to create a custom polling importer in AEM all one needs to do is create a polling configuration node with following properties on a nt:unstructured node : 

While with AEM 5.6 it is fine to create such polling node any where in CRX, polling importer will work fine but with AEM 6.0 polling works only if polling configuration node is created either under /etc or /content hierarchy.

I was stuck in similar problem when my project that was imported from AEM 5.6 to AEM 6.0. As we were creating the polling config nodes under /var hierarchy and it was not initiating the polling our service.

AEM 6.0 allows users to configure path under which if polling configuration nodes can be created, polling importer work fine i.e. after configuring the Day CQ Polling importer service one can create polling node in the specified path and polling still works fine.

Or one create a sling:OsgiConfig with name as PID of the Polling importer service and add the allowed path property. As follows :

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